Sunday Lemonade

Life is too short for cotton
— Lingerie Addiction

I love women. I love being a woman. My love of the beauty of women was inspired through paintings. Women are always comfortable in their own skin in a painting and that stayed with me. Welcome to my new blog an extension of my Instagram feed LingerieAddiction  where I will continue the inspiration and continue to expand on it. 

When ever I can spend a Sundays at home I relish in it. It is by far my favorite day at home. I meditate, clean and treat my body to an at home spa service. I have been on the go go go, so a little self indulgent time at home was in order for me today, and as a result I ended up doing a photoshoot. Thats how it goes down in my home.

If you follow my feed you know that I am in love with bodysuits.  This piece from my private collection has blue eyelash lace and nude mesh, this bodysuit is really a fun one.