A Camping I Will Go

I am not sure how others go camping but it was my first go at it and I LOVED it. At first I thought
"camping" meant a tent with no bathrooms however quickly I learned that a 1959 Airstream and a Suburban were the ticket to my camping trip success.

The little camping spot in Sedona that the airstream was parked in had access to a creek with a tree swing, I had a cooler filled with a lot of ice and champagne. We caught our own rainbow trout for dinner, now that is a camping activity. Now I wondered, Why did this take me so long to go camping! What was I afraid of? I had open space to meditate, and plenty of fresh air to do it in.


The ladies at Real Underwear helped me with that by sending me their Core Essentials Bodysuit in their soon to be released green. It was hot outside and the bodysuit and some cut off shorts made for a great camping outfit. They make pieces that feel like BUTTTTTTERRRRR on my body. The foam cup that supports like an underwire adds to the softness that is almost an invisible feeling. I have been wearing their super soft bra and panty set since last year, their bodysuit was logically next in my arsenal.

So I must say Dear Camping, the verdict is I will be back. I have found a new way to travel, and

NKiMode Takeover Day 2

For the second day of my take-over of NKiMode IG feed I got to be a little more bad ass in my LBS “Sybil” Handkerchief Slip in Black. We all love a fishnet, they make your legs look amazing and they can be worn in the desert on a hot day and you don't spend the entire time wanting to rip them off. 


The Sybil slip is a lot of fun to wear because of the silk Georgette handkerchief-hem sides, keeps the slip flowing and the fit unlike another slip you own. I paired the outfit with a kick ass pair of Costume National boots that just are just classic and timeless. 

I took our 1962 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car out for a little journey on the open road. With the slip light against my skin, the gas pedal a little heavy under my foot and the wind in my hair I was as Americana and free as I could be.

Sometimes you need to drive for the joy of driving, not the commute or the errand, but the love of the open road and the sights. Same goes for wearing silk in the daylight, you need to do things for yourself, treat yourself well from the foods you eat, company you keep to the clothes you wear. 

Love life, live life and don't let anyone tell you that you are doing it in the wrong order. 


NKiMode IG Takeover Day 1

We believe that wearing lingerie is an everyday luxury for everyone!
— NKiMode

When you think of silk you think of luxury, it is an automatic response. When NKiMode asked me to do a take-over of their instagram account on May 31 and June 1, I was so excited to be able to take their followers on a two day journey of wearing two of their silks, Gilda Voulez-vous Long Gown in Copper and LBS "Sybil" Handkerchief Slip in Black. 

For the first day I wanted to do a simple luxurious activity, an afternoon to myself. With the weather so beautiful a relaxing personal picnic with my book is just the perfect afternoon. My first stop was to the market to grab a baguette (which is another luxury for me) and water. 

Wearing silk is just as easy as wearing cotton, don't be afraid to step out in something you love.


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