A Camping I Will Go

I am not sure how others go camping but it was my first go at it and I LOVED it. At first I thought
"camping" meant a tent with no bathrooms however quickly I learned that a 1959 Airstream and a Suburban were the ticket to my camping trip success.

The little camping spot in Sedona that the airstream was parked in had access to a creek with a tree swing, I had a cooler filled with a lot of ice and champagne. We caught our own rainbow trout for dinner, now that is a camping activity. Now I wondered, Why did this take me so long to go camping! What was I afraid of? I had open space to meditate, and plenty of fresh air to do it in.


The ladies at Real Underwear helped me with that by sending me their Core Essentials Bodysuit in their soon to be released green. It was hot outside and the bodysuit and some cut off shorts made for a great camping outfit. They make pieces that feel like BUTTTTTTERRRRR on my body. The foam cup that supports like an underwire adds to the softness that is almost an invisible feeling. I have been wearing their super soft bra and panty set since last year, their bodysuit was logically next in my arsenal.

So I must say Dear Camping, the verdict is I will be back. I have found a new way to travel, and