Maison Close Dressing Room Diaries

After a long session of pretending that the flagship of Maison Close in NYC was my private boudoir, I finally settled on these pieces as being my ultimate must haves. Though I left without the Tanga bodysuit, I didn't leave without the Villa Satine skirt or L'Antichambre thong bodysuit. 

I had so much fun I must have gone back at least four times. I ended up taking a dear friend and her lover and they treated the store like a candy shop, one of everything, lucky girl!!! My last day there in December I was treated to an extra treat which is I got to meet Mr. Francis himself! Here I am with the founder/designer of Maison Close. 

Here is to your luck in selecting a piece or two for yourself! Click on the buttons below for purchase information. 




The pinup at the store - Samantha is amazing at helping you through the many amazing pieces at Maison Close NYC.