A Visit to Kiki In Tribeca


Lingerie Is For The Wearer First.
— Lingerie Adddiction

UPDATE: I went to the store in LA this past weekend when I discovered that they had essentially shut down their stores. They are live online the pieces are on sale so I say get them while you can.  I hope this only leads to a restructure and re-launch.

Last month (March) I had my first experience visiting the new Kiki De Montparnasse store in TriBeca on Franklin St. One of my favorite areas of NY. The store was stunning and I could have stayed all day. 

I tried my garments on in the back of the store under the glass atrium ceiling that was just a classic piece of what New York architecture can be.

I felt so sexy in these pieces I could have started to walk around as if it were my place offering people wine when they arrive through the door. Thankfully I kept myself together and in my designated dressing area. 

The fit was remarkable, the textures, layers and fit make it well worth the investment these pieces are.