Luxuriously Emma

When the lingerie is produced to order in an atelier in England, you visualize roses, warm tea, and the softest most lived in sofas perfect for a Sunday spent reading.

Emma Harris SS17 Collection is drenched in hues of Champagne and Blue Mist and in lines that were inspired by Art-Deco and the 1930's. There is a lot of room to play around and immerse yourself in indulgence when it comes to the inspiration from the 1930's. Walking in the Rockafeller Center in NYC gives you a small glimpse of the grandeur of the era.

The New Emma Harris collection is now Available, you can explore the soft fabrics of Silk and the remarkable details and quality that come with having your lingerie handmade in London.


A collaboration of epic proportions.

Jazz Musician and piano player Peter Cincotti joined with Director Amber Rima to create one epic video for his song 'Sexy'. Written, arranged, and produced by Peter, born and bred New Yorker of Italian decent, of course he is going to make incredibly sexy songs! 

For our Lingerie Addiction lovers you will see our spark all through the video because honestly, who is sexier than us!

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Stefani + Coco de Mer

Stefani Loves The Coco

STEFANI STEFANI STEFANI! I mean could she just not be more perfect! Stefani Sober, a stunning talented model that you will find gracing magazine covers, fronting sexy campaigns, and being a genuine everyday amazing lady on her Instagram feed. I had the honor of photographing her a few years ago and we have been loving from a far since then. When I saw this campaign I screamed for sure and let it be said, Coco de Mer your casting skills are lit. The Valentines Collection is dreamy, sexy and enticing. 

What went through your mind when you first saw all of the pieces you would be wearing?

The entire collection definitely stood out I must admit, the detailed work around it, the perfect fit, the quality.. a lingerie line I felt humbled to represent. It screamed sex in the most expensive and elegant way possible.

This collection is so incredibly elegant and sensual, what piece was the hardest to leave behind? And what piece did you take!

Gaia golden set was incredible! (Picture above) and the feel to it is something every woman needs; primarily for herself ... It unleashes the confidence you never knew you had and makes you a Botticelli's Venus of the night.

Definitely recommend!

Rhea Slip | coco de mer 

rhea balcony bra

rhea balcony bra

ardea | coco de mer 

ardea | coco de mer 

gaia bodysuit | coco de mer