Luxurious Lingerie Addiction

Well, Hello Lingerie Addiction what a treat it is to feature @Lingerie_Lux she is such a beauty, with fantastic taste in lingerie. Mixed with positive energy, a flirty fun inventory of Agent Provocateur pieces it is always a treat when she pops up in my feed. A fabulous reminder to always enjoy the journey of finding pieces that you love, then wearing them!

Agent Provocateur | Le 'TIGRE' playsuit

I adore your feed, you were not only one of the first accounts I followed but one of the first images I featured. What drew you create your feed and how did you select your name?

Thanks! I think I created my feed because I think one day I was just ‘feeling myself’ and had enough lingerie to start posting. It would be a shame for so many beautiful pieces to be locked up in a drawer. The name came from my love of luxury lingerie. I love premium looking pieces (even without the price tag!) and wanted my feed to reflect that.

The Miss AP | 'Jet'

The Miss AP | 'Jet'

I know for a time there you were a shop girl, did that give you a bigger addiction? What was the most valuable thing you learned?

The opportunity to become a shop girl came from me being such an addict already! I was working for another lingerie company at the time and the girls there could see how much I adored Agent Provocateur so they took me on.

My collection definitely expanded once I was working for them and seeing all the beautiful pieces before they were released gave me so much hype around the products.

Working at Agent Provocateur taught me so much about the secret lives of women and their relationship with their body. What I got out of watching women undress and comment on how much they hated how they looked made me realize we all need to be kinder to ourselves. We are all beautiful.

Agent Provocateur | 'Birthday Suit'

Agent Provocateur | 'Birthday Suit'

Incorporating lingerie into your daily life becomes a life long love affair, how do you see your lingerie style evolving in your future?

It’s funny, I have so many pieces that are ‘risqué’ and I have no problem having a little nip slip here and there on my Instagram but outside @lingerie_lux I’m quite conservative with what I wear. I’ll be honest and say 90% of the time I’m wearing a black t-shirt bra and nude coloured undies!

This weekend just passed I put on the ‘Stone’ bra by Agent Provocateur as a top to wear to a bar and was so unsure of it I changed into something else. I was convinced otherwise and was so glad I wore it out because I felt so damn sexy. I’d love to feel this more often and show off my collection a little more.

Stella McCartney | 'Millie Drawing' Bodysuit

Stella McCartney | 'Millie Drawing' Bodysuit

What are you looking for the most when selecting pieces for yourself?

I always look for something different. I think my collection varies widely, from daring and borderline dominatrix like the ‘Jet’ corset to the sweet and delicate ‘Bethanie’ set. I freakin’ love marabou so anything fluffy flies with me.

Agent Provocateur | 'Mary-Lou'

Agent Provocateur | 'Mary-Lou'

Do you feel your peers have the same view on lingerie?

I know of lot of girls in my friendship circle who love the way lingerie makes them look and feel, but don’t have the share the obsession I have. They can definitely appreciate a good pair of knickers though!

Agent Provocateur | 'Jenika' dress

Agent Provocateur | 'Jenika' dress

Last little Fun Facts

Vinyl or CD? CD! I have so many from my teen years and love playing them in my car

• What is your favorite Color? Baby blue

• What was the last book you read? ‘We were on a break’by Lindsey Kelk. My first ever e-book purchase!

What is your favorite Song? ‘Telescope’ – Golden Features

Late Nights or Early Mornings? Late nights!

Tea or Coffee? Tea

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