NKiMode Takeover Day 2

For the second day of my take-over of NKiMode IG feed I got to be a little more bad ass in my LBS “Sybil” Handkerchief Slip in Black. We all love a fishnet, they make your legs look amazing and they can be worn in the desert on a hot day and you don't spend the entire time wanting to rip them off. 


The Sybil slip is a lot of fun to wear because of the silk Georgette handkerchief-hem sides, keeps the slip flowing and the fit unlike another slip you own. I paired the outfit with a kick ass pair of Costume National boots that just are just classic and timeless. 

I took our 1962 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car out for a little journey on the open road. With the slip light against my skin, the gas pedal a little heavy under my foot and the wind in my hair I was as Americana and free as I could be.

Sometimes you need to drive for the joy of driving, not the commute or the errand, but the love of the open road and the sights. Same goes for wearing silk in the daylight, you need to do things for yourself, treat yourself well from the foods you eat, company you keep to the clothes you wear. 

Love life, live life and don't let anyone tell you that you are doing it in the wrong order.