A Chat With Tia Provost!

photo @jbadou

photo @jbadou

When it comes to your body and how you look, doing anything for the benefit of someone else and not yourself is never going to be fulfilling for your self worth.
— tia

You are such a bright sunshine person, one is always guaranteed to smile when looking at your feed and especially watching your stories, what do you do to channel all of that happiness? 

Ohhhh, thank you! That is so sweet to hear! 

I am a very light hearted, happy person, I always have been. But it definitely comes down to the upbringing I had, the support and guidance from my parents, who I choose to surround myself with now, and the nest I make for myself so that my environment is as positive as it can be.

I have taken the time to be on my own and learn about myself, who I am as an individual. I have learnt to recognise my emotions and what I am needing. If I am ever feeling off, I go into my room and look around. I have created this bright positive space where you can't help but feel great in. I have chakra wall hangings, vision boards with my goals and dreams, salt lamps, crystals flowing all over my table and the blinds up to let in that beautiful natural light.

If I'm ever in a really down state that even my room can't help me then thats when I have the support of those trusted few that I have close to me. That take no crap and tell it like it is. They keep me real.

I also find im happiest when I'm out in nature, be it by the ocean, in the desert or in the bush. Nothing makes my heart sign with joy more than walking around with my dog and basking in the glory of this world around us.

When it comes to people its simple. Treat others how you wish to be treated. I was brought up with the mentality that if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. Everyone seems so quick these days to cut others down just to make themselves feel better and its completely unnecessary. Coming from a small town you acknowledged people as they walked by - wether you knew them or not, and this is something that I've tried to bring to my life in the city (within reason). Something as simple as a smile...you have no idea what the people around you are dealing with or going through, and by you giving them that small smile it may just be the catalyst they need to turn their thoughts around.

The mind is a powerful thing. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

photo @blessedpixels | lingerie @maryhollandlingerie

photo @blessedpixels | lingerie @maryhollandlingerie

As a firm believer that lingerie is worn for yourself first and foremost, what are your thoughts? 


When it comes to your body and how you look, doing anything for the benefit of someone else and not yourself is never going to be fulfilling for your self worth.

Too often we give away our power and we need to start standing up and taking it back.

Photo @blessedpixels

Photo @blessedpixels

photo @iamjtgallery | Lingerie @brasnthings

photo @iamjtgallery | Lingerie @brasnthings

photo @eugenia.shpakovska | lingerie @kat_thelabel

photo @eugenia.shpakovska | lingerie @kat_thelabel

As a model you get to wear so many styles and brands, what do you look for personally when buying lingerie for yourself? 

Honestly it depends what the lingerie is going to be for. 

If its my everyday lingerie for running around and doing errands then comfort, support, breathability and practicality are the main things that I look for. I’m always out with my dog in nature, so I need pieces that are going to suit that lifestyle.

Bra wise, the ladies need to be supported. First and foremost. I’m always going to have bounce so I need something that is going to minimise that. When I’m at home the bra comes straight off! I hate being in underwire for too long as its such a fragile area to have underwire digging in on your ribs and lymph glands, cutting you off. So I live in crop tops that still give me the support through the thick band without the pressure of the underwire.

I try to wear cotton undies as much as possible because its such a sensitive delicate area, but always bright and colourful! I live in a nude thong and bra for work so I wear colour as much as I can.

If I’m looking for lingerie to wear for myself, or for my significant other, then I get more creative. Thats when I get cheekier cuts and designs out, I’m not so stressed about the support. Its more about how it looks and how I feel wearing it. 

For knickers I like brazilian style, and I really like wearing lace. I prefer pieces that come up higher over my hips so that they allow the eye to flow down and highlight my waist. I also really love undies that are full at the back in the middle and then switch to lace over the cheeks, so that you get that sexy you can see but not too much. 


Book I'm Reading

My mum gave it to me with a beautiful note inside and I haven't had the chance to read for awhile so I'm excited to get stuck into it again.

A huge Congratulations is in order on your new representation in the US, what is an American treat you can’t wait to indulge in

Thank you!!! I am so happy to finally be over here!! 

There hasn't been one standout american treat really...I am gluten free so that cuts a lot of things out! Hahaha. And even though I am a sweet tooth my cravings have changed, I no longer want the refined sugar taste.

One thing that did hit me when I first landed and I don’t know why, but I started craving fro-yo! I used to have it in London every now and then but there was something about being in LA that made me want it...I like the plain natural tart with crushed almonds. That is my jam! 

I did also find a place right by my new apartment that does the best gluten free waffles and pancakes that I’ve ever tasted! So i’m going to have to be careful and watch myself that I don’t go there too often!! Hahahahaha

There is no wrong location in or out to have an amazing night, for you what is the perfect night in vs. the perfect night out? 

Oh I'm such a grandma my friends always mock me for it!

For a night in...an early dinner, like 6ish is good haha, and then anything that involves either a rosewater bath with candles or a book, chilling on the couch watching a movie, doing a face mask, having a sleepover/catch up with a friend, and going to bed around 10ish!

If I can curl up with my dog then thats 100% life complete! And I love being able to lay there and see the stars. Watch as the clouds drift by.

For a night out...depends, I'm not a clubber at all but I do LOVE latin dancing! It is one of the very few things that I will stay up late for. So either going latin dancing and sweating my butt off as I don't stop! Having a nice dinner with my mates, or having a bonfire under the stars...I love the smell of bonfires and find watching fire to be so meditative.

Favorite non-social media app -

I wouldn't know what I'd do without FaceTime and being able to see my friends and family no matter where I am or they are in the world.


For fun song of the moment – 

Ahhhhh depends what mood I'm in!! Hahaha it honestly does.

I have very diverse taste in music, and I tend to skip through songs.

Anything that has a great latin beat so I can shimmy away, or the power of instrumental songs - I love Yiruma, his piano playing is exquisite! I love R&B...and any song that I can sing along to and belt out when no ones around.

Im great at doing one man show concerts!

Photo @blessedpixels

Photo @blessedpixels