100,000 Signature

Emma Harris Lingerie was the the very first to congratulate @lingerieaddiction for reaching the amazing milestone of 100,000 followers. In my post arrived this stunning handmade custom sized set of their Signature style in Navy. The rich color in such an elegant silk lends to such an incredible sophistication. This handmade set has me feeling like a goddess. 

Thank you Emma Harris for the love 

x Lingerie Addiction


A collaboration of epic proportions.

Jazz Musician and piano player Peter Cincotti joined with Director Amber Rima to create one epic video for his song 'Sexy'. Written, arranged, and produced by Peter, born and bred New Yorker of Italian decent, of course he is going to make incredibly sexy songs! 

For our Lingerie Addiction lovers you will see our spark all through the video because honestly, who is sexier than us!

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#2 | Lingerie Addiction Top 5 | Deeasjer Shoes


Dearest Ladies,

You have seen me feature the fluffiest shoes from Deeasjer on my Instagram. This woman captures the ultimate decadent trimmings that dressing rooms dreams are made of and puts them on your feet for a does of ultimate final touch moment.


Keana | Deeasjer Shoes