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Stefani Loves The Coco

STEFANI STEFANI STEFANI! I mean could she just not be more perfect! Stefani Sober, a stunning talented model that you will find gracing magazine covers, fronting sexy campaigns, and being a genuine everyday amazing lady on her Instagram feed. I had the honor of photographing her a few years ago and we have been loving from a far since then. When I saw this campaign I screamed for sure and let it be said, Coco de Mer your casting skills are lit. The Valentines Collection is dreamy, sexy and enticing. 

What went through your mind when you first saw all of the pieces you would be wearing?

The entire collection definitely stood out I must admit, the detailed work around it, the perfect fit, the quality.. a lingerie line I felt humbled to represent. It screamed sex in the most expensive and elegant way possible.

This collection is so incredibly elegant and sensual, what piece was the hardest to leave behind? And what piece did you take!

Gaia golden set was incredible! (Picture above) and the feel to it is something every woman needs; primarily for herself ... It unleashes the confidence you never knew you had and makes you a Botticelli's Venus of the night.

Definitely recommend!

Rhea Slip | coco de mer 

rhea balcony bra

rhea balcony bra

ardea | coco de mer 

ardea | coco de mer 

gaia bodysuit | coco de mer

The Goddess Of Lingerie

Owning up to a lifetime of a Lingerie Addiction

Wearing beautiful lingerie makes me feel attractive and gives me a sense of confidence. I feel strongly that it affects my personal and professional life positively.
— @goddess_lingerie

Lingerie Addiction is a wide reaching community of women across the globe. Instagram is an amazing way to connect with fellow addicts and share together in a love and purpose of self love. When you find your first piece at any age you are hooked, and that addiction to lace, silk, ribbon, clasps, hooks, buttons and zips stay a lifetime. @Goddess_Lingerie is a stunning example of how a life long love of lingerie inspired a family of women. 



I really adore your feed, what I love the most is how inspiring you are. You are really one of the hottest mothers around. There is such an elegant way about your take on lingerie and how you select your pieces. How did you ultimately get started in collecting lingerie?

I actually started a very long time ago when I was 22 years old (I am now 57 years old) as soon as I landed my first job as a university graduate. As a young girl I used to spend a lot of time admiring beautiful lacy lingerie in big department stores; collecting lingerie catalogs and naturally from there on I started my small collection. What inspired me most was that these models (in the catalog) represented a 'complete package’ for me; beauty, confidence, health, sensuality etc. I started collecting high-end brands like Aubade, Christian Dior, Malizia (by La Perla) as I really love their high quality fabric and amazing design qualities. I often thought what a waste that it is worn underneath clothes and not visible to the public! Back then most of my friends were very modest and not a glimpse of lingerie was revealed. So I ‘rebelled’ a little by wearing clothes which showed a little part of my bra. My collection grew a lot faster when I started receiving lingerie as gifts which made me feel so wonderful!

Instagram |  @goddess_lingerie   @lorelei_lingerie_

Instagram | @goddess_lingerie  @lorelei_lingerie_

Instagram |  @goddess_lingerie  @lorelei_lingerie_

Instagram | @goddess_lingerie @lorelei_lingerie_

What are the biggest lessons you feel you have given your daughters in building their self confidences as women?

My approach was quite indirect in a way, I like to think I helped to build their self-confidence through my actions rather than words. I gave up my career as a System Analyst to be a full time mum. I made sure they were given a good education and a chance at all the extra-curricular activities they desired to find out where their passions and strengths lie. Providing a loving and supportive home is important whilst maintaining good communication. Spending quality time to really listen to one another is important. Life has many ups and downs. I consciously help my girls cope and learn from each experience so that that they can grow/progress to the next level; to be driven and have an curious and resourceful mind.

What are you looking for the most when selecting pieces for yourself?

I look for designs which appeals to me. I love the feel of silk and fine lace but it has to look good on me personally. It needs to enhance my shape. I have been fortunate to maintain my size since I was 17 years old, which I am very proud of but I do work hard for it!   

Do you feel your peers have the same view on lingerie? 

I will have to say no as most of my peers have other priorities. So my Instagram is only known to a selected few of my friends.


Lingerie Addiction is a firm believer that lingerie is worn for yourself first and foremost, what are your thoughts?

Definitely. Wearing beautiful lingerie makes me feel attractive and gives me a sense of confidence. I feel strongly that it affects my personal and professional life positively.

What is your favorite Color? Lilac

What is your favorite Favorite Song? I enjoy new and old favourites. I have a collection of Buddha Bar and Sacred Earth CDs

Late Nights or Early Mornings? I am definitely an early morning (6.00am) person. I love the freshness of the morning air. I go for runs that I enjoy greatly every morning.

Tea or Coffee? I enjoy both. It’s great that Melbourne has a strong coffee culture!

And that ladies, is #lifegoal right there. Inspiring to know that this Lingerie Addiction is something that grows with a woman and a woman doesn't grow out of. xo Lingerie Addiction

Dark Fox At Night

Darkest Fox 

Darkest Fox was founded Spring of 2016, by Mabel Liang, with the mission "to empower and inspire individuals through bold, elegant fashion and aesthetics." She is such a lovely woman with fabulous personal touches from start to finish. 


When I saw Mystique I knew immediately that I was going to LOVE wearing this set. At the end of the day I love to be braless and this completely customizable Mystique Bra is beyond sexy yet comfortable to wear. The choker + harness is a fun piece that can be worn with so many looks, I am loving my t-shirt game with mine.

Mystique is a luxury lingerie set made in Japan.

Darkest Fox | Mystique lingerie set | Designed by Gigi K

Darkest Fox | Mystique lingerie set | Designed by Gigi K

Darkest Fox | Mystique choker + harness | Designed by Gigi K

Darkest Fox | Mystique choker + harness | Designed by Gigi K

The full set includes the Choker, Harness, Bra (fits up to a B cup, yet I am a 32D), Thong, Garter Belt