Lingerie is for oneself first, only then can another truly appreciate it’s beauty.
— Lingerie Addiction

There are an infinite steps and routines women have. Each year learning more and more about her body and how to treat it the very best. For some women the love of lingerie is an instant one, for others it is a gradual love that develops. Either way the way she feels wearing it combined with the craftsmanship in the end is what gets her hooked on her Lingerie Addiction.

A woman that has a passion of inspiring women to dig deep and enjoy what it is to truly be and live a personal sexy life. This personal detail will spill over into confidence, power and love in the rest of the areas in your life.

lingerie | lin•ger•ie

NOUN Women's underwear and nightclothes. Garments or linen

ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: French, from Latin, ‘linge.’


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